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Peter is an outstanding composer and professional. Collaborating with him on the commission for Florida all-state elementary choir was a joy. He has a keen understanding of the voice and readiness level of the singers he is composing for. The premiere was a success and a much loved piece of the children!

Robyn Reeves Lana
Founder & Artistic Director
Cincinnati Youth Choir
Chorus America Board

Thank you Peter Robb for the beautiful music you have brought to choral rehearsals and concert halls. I always know that your music will ‘fit’ the voice, with beautiful melodies sensitivity to word stress and part writing.

For choral teachers and directors looking for beautiful writing for upper voices consider Highlands Invocation. If you want music that your singers and audience will instantly love, I recommend the Night and Day set; your singers will learn so much studying this work but most of all, they will love singing it!

Judith Herrington

Founder & Artistic Director, Tacoma Youth Chorus

Dear Peter,

I have just finished a choral rehearsal with my 65 choir members in which we are learning the Missa Brevis No. 1. I want you to know how beautiful your setting of the mass parts are! They are so unique and unlike I have ever heard before. My favorite is your setting of the “Sanctus”. My students love the crescendos and decrescendo’s in the opening words “Sanctus”.  It is going to sound spectacular with the expanded string  and piano accompaniment. I think you will be quite pleased when you hear the performance. 

Kathy Rohrs

Chaminade College Prep Treble Choir, Chatsworth, CA

Peter Robb’s Missa Brevis No. 2: Flowing unison lines mix with gentle close harmonic writing. Very gracious style, both to sing and to hear. Fully independent piano. Substantial as complete piece (13’30”); individual movements can also stand on their own. Solid high school treble choir and above. 


Quarterly Endorsements, ACDA Choral Journal 9/2021 (p. 66)

When posed with the task of composing the Florida Elementary All-State Chorus’ annual commissioned piece, Mr. Robb fully accepted the challenge and created a masterful anthem of high quality and accessible parts for young singers.  

Mr. Robb communicated with FEMEA throughout the project and was very thorough in designing the song to be deemed worthy of an all-state showpiece. In addition to composing, Mr. Robb visited during the rehearsals and lent his expertise on its execution with the singers.  The children loved him and his work and the song was received greatly.

His “Gloria” in a powerful song with a classical and jazz feel that will be remembered as a favorite by those who perform it and those it touches.

Robert Todd

FEMEA 2020 All-State Chorus Coord, Elementary Music Teacher - Retired Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I have been fortunate to work with Peter for over two decades, conducting at his festivals, performing his works, and commissioning him to create new music.

His music, which is carefully crafted, employs beautiful melodic writing as well as unexpected and pleasing harmonic language. I have performed his music in many prestigious places including Carnegie Hall and Canterbury Cathedral. In every instance the singers and audience have been moved and thrilled.

I would not hesitate in the least to do more creative work with him. In all instances the experience has been an unabated pleasure and our professional relationship has been pure joy.

Henry H. Leck
Professor Emertus – Choral Music
Butler University
Founder & Conductor Laureate
Indianapolis Children’s Choir

Missa Brevis No. 1, by Peter Robb, Latin text, SSA & piano. This is another fine short mass. The “Kyrie” begins in unison to great effect, quickly moves to beautiful, expansive harmonies. The text versification is beautifully done, with the “Christe eleison” being particularly effective. This first movement concludes as it opened, with lovely unisons. The reverent setting of the “Sanctus” uses surprising, ringing harmonies; the key change of F Major to D Major is especially beautiful. The “Hosanna” is set broadly and joyfully. The “Benedictus” is more expressive, opening with a simple soprano solo that requires a pure, clear voice. This F Major movement uses divisi in the simple harmonies. The “Agnus Dei,” in G Major, is quite graceful, with some counterpoint included between the homophonic passages. The mass ends with elegant counterpoint composed in three parts. Difficulty rating 3-4.

Choral Newsletter

Spectrum Music
, Lexington, MA

We are honored at St. Mary’s to have joined with such venerable institutions as Canterbury Cathedral and Carnegie Hall as a place that has been blessed by the music of Peter Robb. Peter not only has musical gifts, but he has strong liturgical sensibilities. He knows that many of the texts he works with have a particular meaning to a community of faith and he knows how to make the ancient traditions alive to the worshipping community today. He understands that sacred music is not just a performance, but that music is holy and a way that many of us connect with the divine. I am grateful to have worked with Peter for over a decade; it has been a joy and privilege.

The Reverend Bingham Powell

Rector, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Eugene, Oregon

Peter Robb has a beautiful heart. He has always provided young musicians unforgettable wonderful musical experiences, both as a composer and artistic director of Pacific International Choral Festivals – picfest.

His compositions are innately uplifting and inspiring. We introduced his works in our stints as guest conductors and his music naturally brings forth joy and allows performers to express the beauty of the human spirit. We consider him the godfather of young musicians for his dedication and visions he has imparted to the youth through his festivals.

Jude and Maria Theresa Roldan

Composers / Conductors, Young Voices of the Philippines

Peter Robb’s Magnificat was composed for the treble choristers of Canterbury Cathedral and fully reflective of a high liturgical quality in writing for both voices and organ. Substantial amount of unison writing is never lacking in interest. An impressive church or concert piece, and reasonable for young singers with good training.  ProjectEncore.org/peter-robb


Quarterly Endorsements, ACDA Choral Journal 12/2020 (p. 76)