Night and Day
1. Moon Are You Out There?


I love text and melodic lines that give young singers a chance to incorporate the voice building components of a full, free and flexible sound with pure vowels. Nothing makes their eyes light up like the achievement of a rich, resonant ensemble tone that makes the room ping.

Whatever genre or style the music, I look for “anchor moments” where the singers can connect some of these building blocks to the musical effect we’re going for. In that way, every piece is a teaching piece.

In Night and Day you’ll find the repeated use of a couple vowel sounds as “anchor moments.”

The oo of “moon” and “who” in Moon Are You Out There and “doo” in Fine Day keeps them coming back to a forward, easily blended vowel like the “hoo” sound that an owl makes. It becomes the reference point for less forward sounds of “do” “to” “you” etc.

The i in “skies” “eyes” “right” “light” “Fine” “kind” etc. are sustained on the initial “ah” sound, setting up the use of taller rather than lateral vowels.

Beyond the pedagogical objectives, these two pieces are simply meant to be a fun exploration of contrasting moods. Enjoy!

Peter Robb


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Voicing: SA
Duration: 4'
Level: ME
Instrumentation: Piano

If you want music that your singers and audience will instantly love, I recommend the “Night and Day” set; your singers will learn so much studying this work but most of all, they will love singing it!


Judith Herrington
Founder/Artistic Director
Tacoma Youth Chorus



Gaze out my window, ‘cross quiet water
Viewing the moon from my bed
Moonlight glistens;
Echoes the night sparkling overhead

One look to the skies
And that’s when I realize that
Moon – you’ve got magic in your eyes.

Moon, when you’re out there
Who do you see?
Moon, when I’m watching you,
Are you watching me?

Some nights I’m happy, some nights I’m sad,
Some nights I wish on a star.
Silent, glowing,
Does anyone really know who you are?

When nothin’ feels right,
Hope shines from your distant light;
Moon – make my darkest hour bright.

Moon, when you’re out there
Who do you see?
Moon, when I’m watching you,
Are you watching me?

Moon, when you’re out there
Perfectly in view
Moon, are you watching me?
‘Cause I’m watching you.

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SA     3'40"     Level:ME