Night and Day
2. Fine Day


I love text and melodic lines that give young singers a chance to incorporate the voice building components of a full, free and flexible sound with pure vowels. Nothing makes their eyes light up like the achievement of a rich, resonant ensemble tone that makes the room ping.

Whatever genre or style the music, I look for “anchor moments” where the singers can connect some of these building blocks to the musical effect we’re going for. In that way, every piece is a teaching piece.

In Night and Day you’ll find the repeated use of a couple vowel sounds as “anchor moments.”

The oo of “moon” and “who” in Moon Are You Out There and “doo” in Fine Day keeps them coming back to a forward, easily blended vowel like the “hoo” sound that an owl makes. It becomes the reference point for less forward sounds of “do” “to” “you” etc.

The i in “skies” “eyes” “right” “light” “Fine” “kind” etc. are sustained on the initial “ah” sound, setting up the use of taller rather than lateral vowels.

Beyond the pedagogical objectives, these two pieces are simply meant to be a fun exploration of contrasting moods. Enjoy!

Peter Robb


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Voicing: SA
Duration: 2'30"
Level: ME
Instrumentation: Piano

If you want music that your singers and audience will instantly love, I recommend the “Night and Day” set; your singers will learn so much studying this work but most of all, they will love singing it!


Judith Herrington
Founder/Artistic Director
Tacoma Youth Chorus



Doo, doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo (2x)

Would you like to take a walk with me?
By the river, skip a rock with me?
It could be wild and stormy
Or skies of blue;
Any kind of weather will do
‘Cause it’s a fine day for a walk
If I could walk with you.


Would you like to sing a song with me?
Or would you think there’s something wrong with me?
Could be a golden oldie
Or something new:
Any kind of music will do.
‘Cause it’s a fine day for a song
If I could sing with you.


Nothin’ else that I’d rather do
‘Cause it’s a fine day for a walk,
And it’s a fine day for singing too
Yes it’s a fine day for a walk
And a song with you.

Doo… (3x)

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