Et exultavit spiritus meus


Johann Sebastian Bach’s beloved setting of the traditional Magnificat text is divided into twelve sections: five choruses and seven sections for soloists.

The second movement, “Et exultavit spiritus meus,” is a beautiful, soaring aria that feels great on the voice. Its joyful melody draws on the rhythm of a lilting Baroque dance. This choral edition offers all treble choir members an experience of Bach’s genius by singing a piece usually reserved for soloists.

The sparse use of dynamic markings in Bach’s time is quite different from modern practice. Performers of that era applied dynamics and other expressive elements that were implied by the musical context and familiar compositional devices. Likewise, phrase markings and slurs in the vocal line here are editorial. Rather than thinking of them in their modern sense, let the musical line, text and accompanying instruments guide your exploration of expressive options.

With a Latin text of only eight words, the vast majority of rehearsal time can be dedicated to issues like vowel uniformity, breath, phrasing, and all the technical vocalism in this accessible gem.

The orchestration (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola and Continuo) is available separately from peterrobbmusic. Send a message for ordering info.

Peter Robb

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Voicing: Unison
Duration: 2'25"
Level: M
Instrumentation: Piano


Sung in Latin (Translation in italics):

Et exultavit spiritus meus
     And my spirit rejoices
in Deo salutary meo
     in God my savior.

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SA     3'30"     Level:M