Der Herr Segne Euch


This beautiful benediction, written as a tenor/bass duet, is the fourth of five movements in J. S. Bach’s Cantata 196. It is a relatively early cantata, composed and first performed when Bach was in this early 20s.

In adapting the piece for treble chorus, the tenor and bass solos have simply been raised an octave. The keyboard reduction of the string and continuo parts employs some register adjustments in order to best support the octave change in the vocal lines. The piece can be accompanied by organ or piano. String orchestra parts are available from Colla Voce Music as Der Herr Segne Euch-String Ensemble.

Voicing: SA
Duration: 2'45"
Level: ME
Instrumentation: Piano or Organ, optional strings

The short text makes it ideal for successfully introducing singers to German diction. Can be used as service music or as the perfect “benediction” for the audience at the end of a concert.


Sung in German (Translation in italics)

Der Herr segne euch           May the Lord bless you
je mehr und mehr                forever and ever
euch und eure Kinder          Both you and your children


NOTE: String parts available from Colla Voce.