Beati Omnes


It is difficult to find pieces for double SSA chorus. On an occasion in which we were in need of such a program element, I looked for a piece that I could adapt. This led me to Beati Omnes, the less familiar second movement of Mendelssohn’s motet Laudate Pueri.

In contrast to the SSAA voicing of the first movement, Beati Omnes was originally scored for SSA solo trio and SSA chorus. In this adaptation the trio has been transformed into a second chorus to create a double chorus texture. In the composer’s soli/chorus format, the soli voices have more to sing that the chorus. Therefore, in this double choir adaptation, some of the phrases have been reassigned in order to produces relatively equal material for both Chorus 1 and Chorus 2.

Peter Robb

Voicing: SSA/SSA
Duration: 1'50"
Level: M
Instrumentation: Piano, optional strings


Sung in Latin (Translation in italics)

Beati omnes qui timent Dominum
     Blessed is every one who fears the Lord,
Qui ambulant in viis ejus
     Who walks in his ways.

NOTE: String parts available from editor.