I’d love to hear from you! Whether you’ve made a final decision about commissioning a piece or just want to explore the possibility, reach out to me with this form. I’ll get back to you to schedule a conversation.

Commissioning 101

Take a moment to review these Frequently Asked Questions for a quick overview of how it all works.

WHY Commission?

Commissioning a piece of music puts you and your ensemble into the long lineage of all those throughout history who have partnered with a composer to bring a new work into being. 
In addition, presenting the premiere performance elevates the shared experience of conductor/ensemble/audience, whether the commission commemorates a special occasion or becomes a regular feature of your organization’s strategic plan.

HOW do we get started?

After submitting an initial inquiry, the commissioning ensemble, the conductor, and I will discuss the organization’s objectives and desired outcomes for the collaboration. This process clarifies key elements: the ensemble type (SATB, Treble, TB, chorus and solo, etc.); the performers’ technical capabilities; the purpose or occasion for the commission; the budget; the instrumentation; and the type of text to be set.

WHO is in charge of the project?

Both the commissioning party and the composer have specific duties:

  • The commissioning party is responsible for the dedication wording, the desired duration of the work, voicing and instrumentation, the style and character of the piece, and presenting the premiere.
  • As composer, I am responsible for writing the music, selecting the text, and deciding whether or not to publish the completed work. The goal is to make it available to others after the premiere, whether with a traditional publisher or a digital platform.
WHAT does the process look like and what is the cost?

Upon completing the initial conversations, an agreement will be drawn up that clearly states the parameters of the commission and the expectations the parties have for each other, including the timeframe, the payment schedule, and any ancillary role of the composer related to the premiere. The cost is calculated based on several factors: duration of the piece; type of voicing and instrumentation; lead time from signing agreement to due date; and the composer’s role, if any, related to preparation and/or premiere.

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