It’s About the Journey


Peter Robb

Composer • Lyricist • Conductor



From the time I was a young child, life was full of music. I still recall the pleasure and excitement of the first time I picked out a tune of my own making at the piano. It wasn’t clever, beautiful, or particularly original. However, to my eight-year-old sense of wonder, it was the first experience of creating music.

All these years later, I am still filled with wonder by the adventure of composing.


While I continue to bring more of my catalog online, this space will feature: the most recent works; news about performances and honors; and earlier pieces I’m now able to make available.
Check back every few weeks to see what’s next!

“Missa Brevis No. 2” has recently been accepted into the PROJECT : ENCORE Catalog of Contemporary Choral Music. The quarterly review and endorsement by an international panel of prominent conductors is published in the ACDA Choral Journal and on their website: Click on the cover images above for a recording and video of the score, composer notes, and publisher information.

The Creative Path

At times the road is quite direct. But just as often, there are surprises, detours, delays, and moments when wandering off the path results in wasting time or getting lost. And just to keep me coming back for more, other unfamiliar wanderings lead to vistas of indescribable wonder.

Endorsements & Reviews


Peter is an outstanding composer and professional. Collaborating with him on the commission for Florida all-state elementary choir was a joy. He has a keen understanding of the voice and readiness level of the singers he is composing for. The premiere was a success and a much loved piece of the children!

Robyn Reeves Lana

Founder / Artistic Director Cincinnati Youth Choir, Chorus America Board

We are honored at St. Mary’s to have joined with such venerable institutions as Canterbury Cathedral and Carnegie Hall as a place that has been blessed by the music of Peter Robb. He understands that sacred music is not just a performance, but that music is holy and a way that many of us connect with the divine. I am grateful to have worked with Peter for over a decade; it has been a joy and privilege.

Reverend Bingham Powell

Rector, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Eugene, Oregon

Thank you Peter Robb for the beautiful music you have brought to choral rehearsals and concert halls. I always know that your music will ‘fit’ the voice, with beautiful melodies, sensitivity to word stress, and part writing.

Judith Herrington

Founder, Artistic Director, Tacoma Youth Chorus